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Electric driver maintenance tips

Sources:Dige Hits:1Update:2021.10.20

Such as long-term load (commonly used large torque or too high lock pay frequency) will constitute some parts wear, affect the normal use of life, constitute the screwdriver abnormal sound or torque instability, electric screwdriver maintenance tips:

① The brake pin rebound force is too large to shift the switch or damage the brake switch, forming the unstable brake function.

② Torsion spring elasticity will be tired, constitute a reduction in torsion or instability, in the use of a year and a half should exchange spring.

③ Motor heating is easy to wear rotor, rotor gap or insulation paint falling will constitute a poor driver transmission function, should be exchanged motor rotor.

④ Viscosity variation or pollution of the gear barrel grease will increase the gap between the main tooth and the star tooth and wear the gear. The worn gear should be exchanged.

⑤ The aggregation and dispersion device hill and bearing wear is easy to constitute the driver torque instability or torque reduction, should exchange the aggregation and dispersion device or bearing.

⑥ Connecting shaft tripping hole wear and head wear of the screwdriver will constitute torque instability or poor brake function.

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