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What are the common models of electric screwdriver?

Sources:Dige Hits:2Update:2021.10.20

Electric screwdriver is a common tool for industrial assembly and home maintenance. The cutter head on the electric screwdriver is the electric screw batchhead, also known as the electric batchhead. The models of the electric batchhead include one word, cross, meter, star, square head, hexagonal head, Y type, triangle, square head and so on. You need to determine the type of a batch head, the size of a batch head handle, the size and shape of an electric screwdriver socket, and the diameter of screws. What are the common models of electric screwdriver?

Electric batcher is a screwdriver head installed on hand electric drill or hammer to screw, also known as electric screw batcher, is a common industrial tool in industrial assembly, suitable for engineering, machinery, maintenance of household appliances and other fields.

Electric batch head models according to different head types can be divided into SLOTTED, PHILLIPS, POZI, TORX, SQUARE, HEXAGON, Y type, etc., one word screw batch head and cross screw batch head are more commonly used. Hex head screw batchheads are mainly used for hex hole screws in industrial machines.

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