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Electric driver daily maintenance manual

Sources:Dige Hits:2Update:2021.10.20

Electric driver daily maintenance manual: electric driver daily normal use of 8 hours lock 6000 screws for good use, but depending on the actual use of the situation is different, such as whether the lock product is self-tapping screw and the length of the screw lock, lock frequency are variable.

It is recommended that if the torque range of electric driver is 12 kg, the good use range is below 10 kg, if the operation with high torque of 12 kg for a long time, it is recommended to use the highest torque of the machine, in order to prolong the life of the electric driver. It is recommended to purchase the original carbon brush as far as possible to prolong the service life of the rotor, because the carbon brush on the market is easy to damage the rotor and cause damage.

Electric screwdriver to use after a period of time, or by using high frequency, carbon brush for abrasion carbon phenomenon within the motor will be set, the motor temperature rise caused by carbon deposition also high or poor contact of carbon brush and rotor electric screwdriver dysfunctional, suggest your company to replace the motor carbon brush, to blow to the motor internal clean carbon powder or depending on the use frequency interior fuselage cleaning regularly.

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