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Which industries use smart batch electric screwdriver?

Sources:Dige Hits:2Update:2021.10.20

We can see the figure of intelligent electric batch everywhere in our work and life. The electric screwdriver, intelligent electric batch and automatic screw machine are used in which industries, and xiaobian together:

Many people know that the efficiency of electric screwdriver, intelligent electric batch, automatic screw machine is high and stable, because it is more than the electric screwdriver at the same time lock pay, how many electric screwdriver can lock many screws at the same time, relative to the single electric screwdriver lock pay efficiency to improve many.

Some people may ask, which industry is suitable for the application of multi-axis screwdriver automatic screw machine?

Electronic manufacturing, screwdriver assembly line, such as: mobile phone, hard disk, computer keyboard, electric toys, computers, DVD, household appliances, plastic products, electrical appliances, communication equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronic processing and other industries.

Automobile screw manufacturing industry, such as: motor, motor, spare parts to take screwdriver lock screw manufacturing.

That is to say, as long as the collar of the screw is used for automatic automatic screw machine, multi-axis automatic screw machine, semi-automatic automatic screw machine and other screw assembly, to replace the manual lock screw work, not only reduce labor costs, but also improve production efficiency.

Although it is widely used, but the specific need to see the specific position of the screw to lock, whether to meet the needs of the screwdriver automatic screw machine, such as screw size, screw spacing, these lead to whether we can apply more electric screwdriver, screwdriver, automatic screw machine.

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