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A brief analysis of the use method and application of servo electric driver

Sources:Dige Hits:0Update:2021.10.20

With the continuous development of China's industry, the demand for electric drivers in all industries is also growing, so you really understand its use and use? Today xiaobian will give you a brief analysis of the use and use of servo electric drivers.

Electric screwdriver product uses:

1. Accuracy

High precision torque control algorithm

2. Data management

Record the working result of each screw, so that the working result state of each screw can be traced, the system automatically maintains the number of records, to prevent the record from infinite expansion.

3. Service life

Adopt high quality and high precision execution parts, so that the reliability and service life of products are fully guaranteed.

4, multi-task, multi-step

Supports a maximum of 16 screw tightening tasks with different parameters. Each task can be completed in five steps

5. Easy debugging and fast construction

Computer management software or touch screen can carry out various data interaction and motion control with the electric batch, and quickly build the lock payment system with the robot

6. Scope of application

Suitable for a variety of lock-pay related applications, screw sizes from M0.8 to M12.0

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