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What is the difference between intelligent electric driver and ordinary electric driver

Sources:Dige Hits:3Update:2021.10.20

In recent years, China's industry continues to develop, intelligent electric driver in which has played a great role. Ordinary electric driver, air batch due to light weight, low cost reasons are promoted by most manufacturers, and the general industrial product screw lock pay work using electric driver or air batch, has been able to meet the production requirements, so the recognition is higher. So, what is the difference between intelligent electric driver and ordinary electric driver? Emperor Pavilion take you to understand in detail.

Intelligent electric driver needs to perform tasks through servo motor, PLC and driver, and can run complex algorithms. Its torque control is more accurate, can give the torque value in time, and according to the torque reference value to execute the action, complete the high standard, high difficulty of the lock pay work.

A brief introduction to the difference between intelligent electric driver and ordinary electric driver:

1, speed: servo motor output is large, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation, stable torque.

2, precision: servo motor can realize high-speed real-time detection and high precision control of tightening torque value; Torque can be controlled in both positive and negative directions;

The software interface displays the main data of tightening process: actual torque value, Angle value, process time, whether qualified, etc. Display and setting by touch screen; Ordinary electric driver can only adjust the torque according to the electric driver, can not display real-time torque data.

3, life: servo motor usually life in 1 million times, life is 3-5 times of ordinary electric driver air batch.

4. Cost: the cost of servo motor is usually more than 2 times that of ordinary electric driver.

The above intelligent electric driver has obvious advantages. In addition to high cost, cost is also the main reason why servo tightening system cannot be popularized. In the production design of the screw machine, the electric driver and air batch are usually used as the power of locking payment, which has small investment, fast effect, high efficiency and can meet the requirements of locking payment. Servo tightening machine is used for high-precision products (automotive engine field), but at present, servo tightening machine only performs tightening action (such as automobile tire screw), but does not transport screws and nuts. Automatic servo tightening machine (with automatic screw feeding, automatic screw screwing and other functions, unmanned operation) application is still relatively few.