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Correct use steps of electric driver

Sources:Dige Hits:2Update:2021.10.20

There are many kinds of electric drivers in the market, with different models and sizes. So, how do they use it? Is it different to use? What should be paid attention to in the process of use? Next, emperor ge to tell you in detail, the correct use of electric driver steps.

Connect the power cord, open the power switch, according to the actual operation needs to adjust the power regulator to the appropriate position (mainly adjust the speed), at the same time install the supporting batch head (if it is imported electric batch, there is no voltage regulator).

Hold the handle case of the electric plate with the right hand, hook the handle switch with the index finger (if holding horizontally, hook the handle switch with the thumb), check whether the reversing switch is in the FOR position, if not, correct.

Put the locking screw into the batcher (vertically), then press vertically into the screw hole while pressing the handle switch with the index finger (if the locking screw is horizontally, use the female finger press).

When the electric driver makes a wrong tooth sound, loosen the handle switch, remove the electric batch, visually check whether the screw is locked in place. If not, adjust the torque lock properly until the lock is in place, and then restore the original torque size. If there is slip wire or sweep head in the lock, it is necessary to replace the new screw lock. Find more slippage, sweep, fracture and other abnormal phenomena, it should be reported to the superior.

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